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Specific conditions

Article 1 - Payments

From the moment a Client has been appointed as Buyer, the latter shall have to pay the complete Purchase Amount, or by transfer on the account number of Legal Brokers, as communicated on the Website and/or Folder and/or Particular Conditions, or by Bank Cheque in favour of Legal Brokers, or by any other approved payment method by Legal Brokers as made knowable on the Website and/or Folder and/or Particular Conditions. All payments have to be made in Euro. If payment is made in another currency than the Euro, the Buyer shall be bound to pay any conversion cost. The payment of the Purchase Amount has to be made within two business days after definitive allocation. Buyers from outside the European Union are not allowed to pay in cash or by Bank Cheque. If payment is not received at a Sale by Legal Brokers within the aforementioned period or within the period as described in the Particular Conditions, the Buyer shall be bound to pay late payment interest at a rate of 9,5% yearly on top of the Purchase Amount. Or if payment is not received with a Sale by Legal Brokers within the aforementioned period or within the period as described in the Particular Conditions, the regulations concerning termination - as mentioned hereinafter - will be applicable. Legal Brokers and/or Customer are free to choose which aforementioned method they want to use.

In case of refusal from or insolvency of the Buyer to proceed with the payment of the Purchase Amount (hereinafter referred to as the "Terminator") Legal Brokers and/or Customer may choose to or to allocate the Lot to the Second highest Client, or to replace the Lot in a Public Sale. The Terminator shall be liable for any damage, amongst which, but not limited to, the cost relating to a new Sale and the difference between the then received highest Bid and the Bid from the Terminator. Legal Brokers is entitled to erase and/or avert the Terminator from his files.

An EU-Buyer shall not be obliged to pay any VAT on the purchase of one or more Lots in case the EU-Buyer can deliver to Legal Brokers, at the collection of a Lot, a written declaration in best of his knowledge concerning the transfer of the Lot outside the boarders wherein the Sale has taken place (also known as an "intra-community" traffic). Non-taxpayer Buyers, being private persons, and non EU-Buyers, being legal entities from outside the European Union, are bound to pay VAT on a purchased Lot. VAT paid by non EU-Buyers will be refunded within 15 days after the submission of a valid export document.

After integral payment of and receipt of the Purchase Amount an invoice or allocation document, per Lot or per combined Lots, shall be issued by Legal Brokers on the delivery date of a Lot, as mentioned hereinafter in article 7 of the Auction Conditions. In case an allocation document is issued a definite invoice shall be issued by Customer and shall be sent on to the Buyer at the last known address by Legal Brokers and/or Customer.

The ownership title shall pass to the Buyer as soon as the Purchase Amount has been paid to and was received by Legal Brokers, integrally and without any restrictions.

Article 2 - Collection/Delivery

If a lot is assigned to the buyer, the buyer will receive an attribution document. In this document the buyer will find the description of the lot which is assigned, with the payment terms, specification of reference and account number. This attribution document can always, at all times, be revoked unilaterally by Legal Brokers.
From the moment the Buyer has fulfilled his payment obligations, as described in article 6 of the General Conditions (Aricle 2 of the Specific Conditions), the Buyer shall be entitled to collect the Lot. When a Lot has been bought at a Lot Auction, the Buyer shall have to collect the Lot within five (5) business days at the offices of Legal Brokers or any other place where that Lot is located. With regard to a Group Auction, the Lots shall have to be collected within the time frame as indicated in the Particular Conditions.
Legal Brokers and/or Customer is entitled to move, store, deliver and/or collect a Lot at the expense and risk of the Buyer if that Lot is not collected by the Buyer within the given time frame.

In case one or more Lots impede the collection of a Lot or make it impossible to collect a Lot, Legal Brokers and/or Customer shall summon the Buyer of the first mentioned Lot(s) by e-mail and/or registered letter and/or ordinary letter, at the last known address by Legal Brokers and/or Customer, to collect these Lots immediately, as further defined in that writing.

Buyer shall remove a Lot, at his expense and risk, in a professional and duly manner without causing any damage to building and/or other Lots. Buyer shall be responsible for any damage whatsoever at the removal of a Lot and will be responsible for his co-workers, subcontractors, agents and/or assistants.

Any cost relating to a possible evacuation, transport, dismantling, demolition and any other possible cost with regard to the remarketing and/or removing of a Lot shall be bourn by the Buyer.

No cutting, weld, dismantling or other activities can be executed than with a prior written approval from Legal Brokers and/or Customer and provided that the Buyer can demonstrate that he is properly insured against any and all damages. Legal Brokers and/or Customer are entitled to demand a security deposit from the Buyer prior to the collection of a Lot if, at the judgment of Legal Brokers and/or Customer, this seems necessary to obtain certainty of payment in case of a potential damage.

If one or more Lots cannot be delivered because of a claim made by a third party and/or the collection of a Lot could cause unacceptable damage to building(s) and/or premises whereof, whereto or wherein a Lot is found, or the removal could be considered as problematic, Legal Brokers and/or Customer are entitled to dissolve the Sale of one or more Lots. Legal Brokers and/or Customer shall inform the Buyer by registered letter or letter regarding the aforementioned and Legal Brokers and/or Customer shall not be obligated to refund the received amounts, with regard to the Sale of these Lots.

Article 3 - Non On-line Registration at a Public Sale

It is possible to participate at a Public Sale without Registration provided that the participant is able to provide sufficient identification. For private persons a valid identity card is required, for legal entities a valid VAT-number and/or registration number is required together with a document that demonstrates that the participant can legally commit that legal entity (proxies, Memorandum of association, etc.).

The public servant, present at a Public Sale, disposes of the possibility to verify the identity data of a potential participant via external databases etc.. Legal Brokers and/or Customer can refuse the participation of a potential participant without providing any reason.

Legal Brokers is entitled to store the provided Personal Details from the potential participant and to Register that participant.