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  • Hitachi EX455LC - Demolition Excavator (24m)
  • 15%LBR-AYG-00001
  •   2000
General information:

Brand: Fiat-Hitachi
Type: EX455LC
Sn: 455LC0095
Year: 2000
Read hours on the counter: 15537
Engine: ISUZU 6RB1TQA-06 (Sn: 6RB1513956)
225 kW
Weight: 47000 kg
Length without excavation boom: 5500 mm
Length with excavation boom: 11980 mm
Width: 3700 mm
Height: 3500 mm
Tracks: 900 mm

+ Excavator demolition boom (24m) with accompanying transport container (see pictures)
+ Demolition shear Verachtert VTC40 (see pictures)
+ Bucket 2.8 m³ (see pictures)

Damage information:

- Air conditioning unit does not work
- Stop of the fuel tank is not present (currently improvised solution)
- Cracks in the cabin windshield (see pictures)
- Engine shutdown does not work (sales party tries to solve this by the end of the sale)


Machine was inspected on-site by the people of Legal Brokers and is in working condition. Any additional information can be obtained by contacting Robin Schelvis (Mobile: 0032473 45 44 83)
ATTENTION! Attribution of this lot only by approval of owner.
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